Best Salt for Water Softeners: Buying Guide + Our Top Picks!

A significant portion of your salt-based water softener’s regular maintenance involves replenishing the salt. These particular systems replenish the sodium-charged resin beads, which are crucial to the water softening process, by washing away the hardness minerals with a brine solution. You must immediately refill your brine tank if you detect that the salt level is … Read more

What is TDS in Water? Total Dissolved Solids Explained

Water has a unique chemical and physical composition, and that’s why it bonds, traps, and suspends/dissolves almost anything. This is why many scientists call water a universal solvent. What is Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in Water? TDS stands for total dissolved solids. It’s one of the most important parameters you’ll need to measure when determining … Read more

What is Artesian Water Exactly?

You’ve also seen the health benefits of drinking plain water, as opposed to drinking flavored or carbonated drinks. Water is a cheap commodity, but manufacturers typically package and sell it in fancy bottles and sell it at a premium. Is this really what you want to be doing with your money? In this short guide, … Read more

Water Softener Drain Line Discharge

With an ion exchange resin the hardness minerals of hard water are exchanged for sodium ions. For the process to be effective in the long term, water softeners need to flush themselves out to remove a buildup of hardness minerals inside the resin. In this guide, I’ll be covering everything you should know about your … Read more