Best Water Filter Pitcher that Removes Fluoride

Why You Need to Invest in Great Water Pitchers For Fluoride

Fluoride can pose a dangerous risk to human health, especially in excessive amounts. For instance, these side effects of fluoride can include tooth discoloration, tooth decay, neurological problems, acne, and the list goes on which are essentially detrimental to human health.

However, do not worry as fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that can be easily removed by the advancement of technology in devices in this modernized era.

Lucky for you, we have got you covered in today’s article that speaks about the comprehensive features of the best water filter pitcher that removes fluoride for you to consider. Without further ado, let’s jump into the article and review some of the best water filter pitchers that remove fluoride.

Our List of The Best Rated Water Filter Pitchers That Remove Fluoride

1. Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher – Top Option 

best water filter pitcher that removes fluoride

If you are searching for the best water filter pitcher that removes fluoride, this Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher may be just for you to enhance your existing water filtration system. 

Key Features

Firstly, these Clearly Filtered water filter pitchers are capable of fluoride reduction up to 99.5% in the water which has been proven through various testings being carried out.

The water sample contains about 2.18 mg per liter fluoride and the best thing about this Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher could significantly reduce fluoride to less than 0.010 mg/L which is incredibly impressive.

Next, in this section, we will continue to explore the capability of this Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher is excellent in contaminant reduction which is 365 types of contaminants to be exact! To be frank, it is rare to source for a pitcher with such amazing capability in reducing contaminants as this Clear Filtered Water Pitcher.

For this reason, you will be rest assured to get your money’s worth because this water filter pitcher is guaranteed to provide you with their extra mile and remove over and beyond just fluoride. 

Moving on, this Clearly Filtered water filter pitcher can provide you with a great level of healthy minerals in your water. To explain further, this water filter pitcher can retain the beneficial alkaline minerals which are healthy and good for you. With this, you would get a perfectly balanced taste of water at your fingertips.

Besides that, these Clearly Filtered water filters are extremely credible, being certified to NSF standards. However, please do note that this water filter pitcher does not possess an official NSF standard. If you are still not convinced, the manufacturer of this water filter pitcher has ensured that the water filter pitcher is independently tested to be equivalent to NSF quality which consists of 53, 42, P473 and 401.

Overall, this Clearly Filtered water filter pitcher is perfect for those searching to get clear water that could reduce fluoride very thoroughly, reducing over 360 contaminants to achieve the possibly cleanest, purest, and excellent drinking water in the comfort of your very own home.


Based on the testing conducted, we note that this water filter pitcher was one of the most efficient and reliable water filtration systems for being so thorough in fluoride reduction in water. This is proven when you’ll be accessible to purified drinking water at any given point in time while ensuring a great taste from beneficial minerals within the water. 

Other than that, this Clearly Filtered water pitcher is manufactured from BPA-free minerals. The best thing about this Clearly Filtered water pitcher is that it is equipped with a lifetime guarantee by the manufacturer.

For this reason, if you ever experience any malfunctions or breakage of the water filter pitchers within the supposed lifespan, Clearly Filtered will gladly proceed to replace it.

For this reason, we have no reason to doubt the credibility of Clearly Filtered. Moreover, the features of this Clearly Filtered pitcher is impressive as it is durable and long-lasting. It is certainly amazing that Clearly Filtered has designed this pitcher to last up to 4 months or about 100 gallons.

As a comparison, 4 months are about double the average capacity because most often than not, water filters tend to last for about 2 months before replacement filters are required. 


However, this Clearly Filter pitcher has its own drawback which is pretty common. The potential drawback of this Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher is that this pitcher takes about ten minutes for the filtration of water to take place. Some customers of Clearly Filtered have reportedly noticed a decline in their water flow as the filter continues to age.

Other than that, this Clearly Filtered pitcher is significantly more pricy than the rest of the water filters which are available in the marker. However, with that, remember to be penny wise and a pound foolish because this Clearly Filtered Pitcher could definitely survive a great extent of time.

2. Epic Pure Water Filter Dispenser/Pitcher – Excellent Choice

best water filter pitcher that removes fluoride

Next, on the list, let us discuss the Epic Pure Water Filter Dispenser or Pitcher which has a series of very incredible features for you to consider.

Key Features

First and foremost, these water filter dispensers are amazing at fluoride removal which is up to 97.8% which is slightly lower than the previous fluoride removal previously discussed, the Clearly Filtered which reduces fluoride up to 99.5%.

However, there are only about 2% differences in relation to fluoride reduction in water hence, fluoride reduction of up to 97.8% remains very promising and commendable which deserves an appraisal.

Next on the list, this water filter pitcher is equipped with the removal of contaminants of about 99% which is a remarkable figure. Besides that, you must take note that this filter pitcher can remove up to 200 contaminants in the water which is quite substantial.

Regardless, it is slightly far off from the previous water filter being discussed but this figure remains really impressive and reassuring.

Besides that, this fluoride filter is extremely credible and reliable, being tested and on par with NSF certifications. However, please do note that this water filter pitcher does not possess an official NSF certification.

If you are not convinced, the manufacturer of this water filter pitcher has ensured that the water filters are tested to NSF levels which consist of 42, 53, 401 and P473 to gauge its performance and standards.

As for the dispenser and pitcher choices, it is incredibly versatile and convenient. Why do we say so? This is because the Pure Filter is a versatile water filter because it can be used in either the Epic Pure Pitcher which could store ½ gallon of drinking water or the Epic Pure Dispenser which can carry about 1 1/2 gallons of drinking water.


Based on the testing conducted, we note that this water filter is proven the next best fluoride filter after the previously discussed water filter. There is no doubt that the taste of drinking water is enhanced and definitely purer once this water filter is used.

Furthermore, we all enjoy that Epic Pure allows dispenser alternatives. With this, you have the choice to opt to use this water filter whichever size you want – be it a compact and a small pitcher or even large dispenser which could hold more water at one go which is perfect for a household with more individuals.

Regardless, both the filter pitcher or the water dispenser are excellent and handy to be stored in our fridge.

For your information, this water filter can last up to 150 gallons of water which is a massive volume. Alternatively, this water filter can be used for up to 6 months depending on the usage before filter replacements are required. However, we have personally replaced the water filter in just about 4 months of daily consumption so it really depends on your usage.


Like every great water filter, it certainly would have its own drawbacks and this includes this Epic Water Pure Water Dispenser or Pitcher. Firstly, the overall water pitcher could do some fine-tuning as the upper reservoir could not be secured into place so at some point of time, it will move when you plan on tip of the pitcher.

Besides that, the rate of filtration of the water pitcher tends to slow down progressively over time even before the expected lifespan so you would need to source for a replacement filter before you know it. A useful tip would be storing the filter replacements at home in case you would need to replace them.

3.  Waterdrop Chubby 10-Cup Water Purifier Pitcher

best water filter pitcher that removes fluoride

Key Features 

If you are looking for an officially NSF-certified water filter, these water filters may be for you. The added advantage of this filtration system is that it can remove any unwanted chlorine taste in your drinking water. This is because Waterdrop Chubby is officially certified to NSF standards 42 which would safeguard you from any chlorine taste and odor.

Like the previous water filters that we have discussed, this filter fluoride can reduce fluoride. However, the actual percentage of reducing fluoride is uncertain as we couldn’t identify such test data, and not available online but safe to say, this is indeed a fluoride filtration.

Besides that, this fluoride filtration system is certified with NSF 372 certification which is proven to be free of lead materials.

Other than that if you are looking into an advanced technology filtration, this fluoride filter may be just for you. This fluoride water filter is built and designed to combine non-woven fabric, activated carbon fiber, ion exchange resin, and coconut activated carbon to reduce any unwanted contaminants such as fluoride, iron, chlorine, lead aluminum, and mercury.

As for the lifespan, this filter fluoride has a filter life of 3 months which is slightly more than the average filter life. In other words, this fluoride filter can hold up to 200 gallons of water. However, the estimated filter life is a mere benchmark and subject to individual usage.


Based on our findings, we were rather amazed at the high performance of Waterdrop Chubby as proven during testing. Undoubtedly, this fluoride water filter has proven to improve the quality and great tasting drinking water. In turn, this could really contribute to the increase of the standard of living and overall human health. 

For those who do not know, many pitcher water filters are bulky in nature and are inconvenient for storage, however, this Waterdrop Chubby has a sleek and clean design which is great to compliment your kitchen outlook. Besides that, this filter has an in-built change reminder, so you do not worry about replacing your filter to ensure continuous drinking water.


As for the drawback, we would say the exact percentage of fluoride removal is not available. Hence, we will never be sure of the exact figure of the fluoride removal though we are aware it is categorized as fluoride filters. Unfortunately, Waterdrop hasn’t published its results of testing online so we will never know precisely on the capability of the fluoride removal. 

4. Proone Water Filter – Long Filter Lifespan

best water filter pitcher that removes fluoride

Key Features 

If you are looking for long lasting fluoride water filters, these fluoride filters may be just for you as it can last up to six months. In other words, it can hold up to 225 gallons of water. This is especially convenient for busy working adults as they do not have to source and replace the filter too frequently, making it a super low maintenance model overall.

As for removing fluoride, this fluoride water filter can remove up to 97.5% of fluoride. However, the Proone’s lab report has reportedly indicated the filter is capable of removing over 97.5% of fluoride which is absolutely remarkable.

If you are looking for a durable and reliable fluoride water filter, this filter may be just for you as it is tested to be on par with NSF standards. Similarly, this filter has an official NSF credition to Standard 42 to indicate it is equipped with chlorine removal.

Besides that, this filter is also properly tested to Standards 42, 53, P231, P401, and P473 to ensure its quality and standard for the users.

As for contaminant reduction, the filter pitcher can reduce up to 200 and more contaminants in tap water. As an example, this filter can remove unwanted contaminants such as lead, chlorine, pesticides, mercury and heavy metals.


Based on the testing conducted, we note that the Proone was a reliable filter system when it came to reducing fluoride and this includes eliminating any unwanted minerals. As for the removal of chlorine, you would be rest assured that this filter could remove any lingering chlorine taste or just any chemical taste in our drinking water. 

As stated above, we all love a low maintenance filter system which you would roughly have to change twice a year. This is one of the best deals of low maintenance filters that you can get your hands on as compared to most filters in the market.

Other than that, Proone’s fruit infusion tube is a great addition to the average filter which you could play around with and produce filtered and refreshing water in fruity flavor for your enjoyment.


As for the drawback, some customers reportedly experience some leakage in instances of pouring water from the container if the upper reservoir is too full. This may seem like a minor issue but it could definitely be a hassle in the long run for such occurrences to repeat especially if you are rushing or very occupied with your daily activities.

However, of course, each customer experience is unique on its own so this leakage issue may occur for some customers but it may not happen to you.

5. ZeroWater Pitcher – Well Known Brandbest water filter pitcher that removes fluoride

If you are looking for an almost perfect fluoride filter, this ZeroWater pitcher is inevitably some of the most impressive fluoride pitcher filters in our review which reduces up to 99% of fluoride.

Key Features

Besides that, these filters are designed to target TDS. For this reason, these filters can remove all unwanted organic and inorganic matter which includes heavy metals, minerals, salts and ions.

This is perfect for more health conscious individuals to prevent those harmful matters from slipping into the drinking water. For those who do not know, you can easily gauge the level of TDS with a TDS meter. With this, you are able to gauge the efficiency of the pitcher and it can act as an indicator to replace the filter when the reading hits 006 or higher.

Besides that, these filters are extremely credible, being independently tested to NSF standards to reduce lead. Moreover, these filters are proven to be reliable as well as being independently tested to NSF standards to reduce chromium to Standards 42 and 53.


For us, we are exceptionally impressed with the standards of the water upon the usage of ZeroWater pitcher which tasted really pure and good. Based on our testing conducted, this pitcher is inevitably very user-friendly and easy to use.

This is explained as the water dispenser can be easily used without having to lift up the pitcher lit as there is an in-built push-to-dispense spigot. Besides that, as explained earlier, this pitcher comes furnished with a TDS meter and an indicator to allow you to replace your filter when required.


ZeroWater pitcher is inevitably a great pitcher filter with the TDS capability. However, the potential downside to these filter pitchers are that these water pitcher filters may remove all the healthy minerals and even those that are actually beneficial from our tap water.

Other than that, we are not a big fan of the marketing gimmick carried out by ZeroWater pitcher which indicates that all TDS is bad but in fact, that is false because it does carry some level of benefits to it.

Our Buying Guide

In this section, we would explain our research and you would find relevant information in deciding whether a fluoride pitcher filter is for you. Besides that, we will also explain how the testing and comparison are conducted in the midst of identifying the best water filter pitcher for you.

Who This Guide is For

As for this buyer’s guide, we would provide you insights and a list of factors to allow you to determine an efficient, portable, and affordable pitcher that optimally removes fluoride from this tap water. At first glance, this may seem complex but just follow this guide closely. So a filter pitcher should be best fit for you if

  •  Looking for a portable water filtration system that is easy to carry. Pitcher filters are easy to carry and perfect if you are looking to bring it to work or even on vacation.
  • You prefer a lower upfront payment and a low maintenance fee. For your information, the majority of filters are priced between 30 dollars and 60 dollars and have an average lifespan of 3 months.
  • You prefer the ease of installation for your filter. For example, if you are living in a rented apartment and you do not want a filter being installed then you would certainly enjoy portable pitcher filters.
  • You are purchasing your first water filtration system in your life. For avid water pitcher users, water filtered pitchers are an excellent first-choice filter because they’re reasonable and affordable for individuals. Most often than not, many individuals tend to start off with this filter that has basic features. After some time, they would likely move on to pitchers which offer more advanced features once they have the means to do so. Alternatively, some people just prefer using these pitchers over a long time for whatever reason at all.  

How Do We Test It

Before this, we tested some of the best water filter pitchers that remove fluoride with Tap Score lab test procedure, which enables us to fully gauge the ability of the filter’s contaminant removal. The problem lies as our own water sources were mild as compared to test water sources utilized by authorized and legitimate testing bodies such as NSF. 

Besides that, we do notice that 3rd party testing is more trustworthy and precise than our own testing which is quite limited in nature. Hence, it is obviously more beneficial in terms of comparing the water filter pitchers.

As for us, we tend to focus on our own testing regarding the usage of the water filter pitcher with daily usages and proceed to compare our experience with data that are presented to us by official testing bodies and legitimate organizations. 

How Do We Choose

As for this buyer’s guide, we will touch on gravity filtration in water filters to produce impeccable water to drink.We proceed to compare the most crucial factors of these water filtration systems to come up with the recommendations as above.

We recommended the filtration systems in this article based on their features of fluoride removal and other unwanted contaminants, 3rd party testing or any available official creditions, their overall quality, filter life, and the list goes on.

Fluoride Removal 

At this point in time, this fluoride removal would definitely be one of the biggest deciding factors as this article speaks about fluoride filters. We prefer pitchers that are capable of removing a minimum of 97% fluoride. As per the recommendations above, the majority of the top filtration systems could remove minerals more than 99%. 

Removing Additional Contaminants

Of course, the ultimate goal is to filter off the fluoride but then again, this filtration technology at this modernized era can do much more and remove any additional contaminal as discussed earlier.

We have assessed some of the best water filter pitchers that remove fluoride and their respective contaminant removal capabilities which includes removing chlorine, lead, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and so on. The recommendations would certainly not disappoint you as these filters can remove a great amount of these substances.

Certifications & Testings

Testing and certifications are hallmarks to ensure the reliability of the water filter pitcher. Hence, any manufacturer of the water filter pitcher can claim their water filter pitcher to be high standards but as a consumer, you would want concrete evidence to support this claim.

Independent 3rd party testing to NSF standards or an official NSF certification is very important and provides that reassurance to potential customers.

For those who do not know, NSF standards are unavailable for fluoride reduction but rather we rely on the datasheet of filters of their percentage fluoride reduction based on independent 3rd party testing.

Material Qualify

A good material plays a key role in ensuring high quality in the filtration system. Some manufacturers opt for cheaper and lower-quality materials, these materials such as plastic may be prone to staining and cracking.

Do not worry as the filters above are all made of trusted and sturdy materials, BPA-free materials which are designed to last over the stipulated time frame.

Filter Lifespan

Filter life of the filtration system which is very crucial as we could gauge the level of maintenance required. Some filters reportedly withstand for only 2 months whereas some can last up to 6 months.

Of course, we do not necessarily mean that filters with short filter lifespan are below par but rather the filter life is rather subjective and depends on daily usage, types of materials being used, water quality and the list goes on.

For those who do not know, filters with shorter filter life reportedly filter more contaminants than filters with longer filter life. Hence, we have chosen filters with a minimum filter lifespan of 3 months, which is considered the average filter lifespan.


A pitcher is one of the most reasonable filters you can purchase. However we do not want to jeopardize quality hence, we didn’t opt for the cheapest filter but rather filters that are best for value. The majority of filters are between 25-70 dollars.

Some filters are more pricey because more comprehensive features are offered which are more justifiable than their competitors. 

As for ongoing costs, most of the filter pitchers have low maintenance costs and manufacturers offer multiple packs of filters which you could purchase in bulk to get a lower price.


What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride, which is also known as sodium fluoride. Most of the fluoride is used in most dental products to curb plaque and prevent tooth decay. Fluoride is a substance that is readily found across the globe and is largely present in city water. 

Why is Fluoride Added to Drinking Water?

Back in 1945, fluoride was first added to communities in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Fast forward there are easily over 50 million individuals in the United States that drink this water because it promotes dental health. 

Is Fluoride in Tap Water Dangerous?

No, if the fluoride is taken within a recommended dosage of 0.7milligrams of fluoride per litre of drinking water as recommended by CDC. However, excessive use of fluoride will pose health risks in the long run that you should be aware of. For instance, dental fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis, neurological problems, thyroid issues and other health concerns. 

How Pitcher Filters Work

The water filter pitcher works by using gravity for its filtration. Let’s dive into the mechanisms of the water filter pitcher.

You can start by filling water in the top part, The water seeps through a filter through the base. This will cause contaminants to be trapped within the filter. The base is linked to a spout.

With this, pour from the spout and you would get filtered water. Pitchers usually utilize a carbon filter and enhanced it with ion exchange or KDF media to reduce as many contaminants as it can. 

Do Brita Filters Remove Fluoride?

The short answer is no. However, we’ve also done a comprehensive guide on why Brita Filters cannot remove Fluoride for you to check out.

Do RO Systems Remove Fluoride?

Our short answer is reverse osmosis systems do remove fluoride well. That said, if you are looking for a more budget-friendly method of filtering fluoride, RO systems aren’t exactly the best answer.

That’s because most water filter pitchers can filter fluorides just as well as reverse osmosis systems and yet offer similar performance as a RO membrane. From that, you should have your answer if you’re looking for a sustainable way of removing fluoride.

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