Water Filtration Basics

Explore the fundamentals of water filtration, from removing common impurities like calcium to finding the best filters for lead removal and chlorine elimination.

Common Water Issues

Uncover solutions to everyday water concerns, including troubleshooting air in water lines, understanding the causes of yellow water, and addressing unusual tastes or particles.

Chemical Contaminants:

Delve into the world of chemical contaminants in water with insights on removing PFAS, identifying common contaminants, and addressing issues like chromium and nitrites/nitrates.

Fluoride Concerns

Navigate the fluoride debate with articles on bottled water fluoride content, cost-effective methods to remove fluoride, and understanding the presence of fluoride in your water supply.

Chlorine and Chloramine

Learn about the effects of chlorine in water, ways to remove it through boiling, and strategies for eliminating chloramine to ensure your water is safe and palatable.

Heavy Metals

Discover the impact of heavy metals like lead and iron on water quality, explore filtration options, and find the most economical ways to remove iron from well water.

Water Treatment Methods

Differentiate between water treatment methods by exploring the distinctions between boiled and distilled water and understanding the role of UV light in eliminating bacteria.

Water Quality Testing

Dive into the science of water quality testing with articles on understanding pH levels, the use of TDS meters, and their importance in assessing the overall quality of your water.

  • PH of Water
  • What Is A TDS Meter?

Limescale and Other Buildups

Gain insights into limescale formation and its impact on water appliances, as well as effective strategies for prevention and removal.

  • What is Limescale

Disinfection Byproducts

Explore the presence of disinfection byproducts in water and the potential risks associated with them, along with ways to mitigate their impact on water quality.