Softpro Elite Water Softener Review

The Softpro water softener is a great option if you’re searching for a high-quality, effective water softener that can meet the needs of a sizable household or business. By efficiently removing hard water minerals from your water supply, this cutting-edge system will enhance the flavor, consistency, and quality of your water.

In order to eliminate calcium, magnesium, and other hard water minerals from your water supply, the Softpro Elite is a salt-based water softening that use ion exchange technology.

This could enhance the efficiency of your water heater and other appliances, lessen the formation of scale buildup in your pipes and appliances, and even make your skin and hair feel softer and smoother.

What distinguishes the Softpro Elite from other water softeners available on the market, though? In order to help you decide if the Softpro water softeners are the best option for your needs, we’ll examine the features, functionality, and overall value of this system in greater detail in this review.

Our Review of The Softpro Elite Master Softening System


The SoftPro Elite softening is a salt-based, high-capacity water softening that uses the ion exchange process to remove hard water minerals from the water supply in your home.

The system is made to deliver soft water on demand, enhancing the efficacy of soaps and detergents while minimizing the formation of mineral deposits in your plumbing system, fixtures, and appliances.

The SoftPro Elite salt-based water softener can efficiently treat extremely hard water because it is fitted with a sizable resin tank and a brine tank. The sodium-ion-charged resin beads in the resin tank draw in and displace the calcium and magnesium ions that cause hard water.

The device starts a regeneration cycle when the resin beads are saturated with hard water minerals, flushing the resin with a salt solution and resetting the wager softener system for continuous usage.

The SoftPro Elite softener system is a very effective device that may reduce the hardness of your water supply by up to 120 grains per gallon.

It is a popular option for households searching for a dependable and effective water softening solution because it is also fitted with a variety of innovative features, such as a user-friendly LCD display, programmable settings, and a high-capacity large brine tank.

Key Features

  • High Capacity Resin Tank: The 1.5 cubic feet of fine mesh resin that can be stored in the SoftPro Elite softener’s large capacity tank. By doing this, the quality water treatment system is guaranteed to be capable of handling significant amounts of hard water without requiring frequent regeneration.
  • Digital Control Head: The quality water treatment system has a user-friendly, easily programmable digital control head. You can change the parameters to suit your particular demands for water softening.
  • Upflow Regeneration: Compared to conventional downflow systems, the Soft Pro Elite softener uses an upflow regeneration technique. As a result, the system regenerates only when required, consuming less salt and water.
  • Smart Memory Technology: The high efficiency water softener system has smart memory technology, which stores the system settings in case of a power loss. This implies that in the event of a power outage, you won’t need to reconfigure the quality water treatment system.
  • Efficient Resin: The SoftPro Elite salt-based water softeners use a high-quality resin that is made to last longer than conventional resins. This lessens the need for routine maintenance and resin replacement.
  • Compact Design: The SoftPro Elite salt-based water softeners have space-saving, compact design that makes installation in homes with limited space simple.
  • Lifetime Warranty: The fine mesh resin ion exchange tank, brine tank and the digital control head of the SoftPro Elite softener are covered by a lifetime warranty, providing you peace of mind that your investment is secure.


A high-performing water softener system with cutting-edge features, the SoftPro elite systems guarantee that the water in your house is consistently soft and of the highest caliber. The Smart Precision+ Brining of the SoftPro Elite, which allows for up to 30% less salt usage than other softening methods, is one of the product’s standout features.

In order to minimize water waste during the regeneration process, the system determines the precise amount of brine required based on the resin content.

The SoftPro Elite’s adjustable backwash frequency, which promotes water conservation, is another crucial feature. The technology provides more cost-effective and environmentally friendly performance by conserving both salt and water. Additionally, the system uses automatic system flushing technology to stop the growth of bacteria and maintain long-term functionality.

Ion exchange is used by the SoftPro new water softener system to completely remove hard water minerals from your home’s water source. Your home will always have access to soft water thanks to the system’s rapid recharge time for prompt regeneration.

For material safety, structural integrity, and other criteria, the SoftPro Elite city and well systems are both certified to various NSF/ANSI standards, giving you the assurance that you’re purchasing a high-quality and dependable water system.

Installation and maintenance

Installation of the SoftPro Elite well and city water softeners is necessary at the point of entry into a home. Both of these systems ought to be easy to install on your own if you have the necessary equipment and a basic understanding of plumbing.

The systems are designed to be easy to install, are relatively small, and require very little assembly before being linked to your waterline. For added convenience, both systems are pre-loaded with media, so you don’t have to worry about adding it yourself before installing. They come with everything needed for instant setup.

Here are the general steps for installing water softeners:

  1. Decide where to put the water softeners. It should have access to a drain, electrical outlet, and water supply line and be a dry, well-ventilated place.
  2. Drain the pipes after turning off the main water source. Connect the water supply line to the water softener’s inlet and outlet valves after installing the bypass valve.
  3. Connect the overflow hose to the brine line and install the large brine tank.
  4. Place the resin tank in place and link it to the electronic control head.
  5. The water softeners’ control head should be installed and programmed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  6. Check for leaks after turning on the main water source.
  7. Even though installation is something you ought to feel confident handling on your own if you have faith in your DIY skills, not everyone will feel prepared to perform it. It will cost more to hire a handyman for the task, which should take an hour from beginning to end, if you’d rather not to take the chance of accidentally damaging the system or your plumbing.

Any water softener requires maintenance, and the user manual specifies that the salt needs to be changed every few months. The SoftPro Water Systems’ effective operation allows you to save money on salt, which reduces the frequency of salt top-ups as a maintenance work. This is true whether you use well water or municipal water.

Here’s are the steps for doing general maintenance for the water softeners:

  1. Regularly check the brine tank’s salt level and top it out as needed.
  2. To remove any accumulation, clean the fine mesh resin and brine tank once a year.
  3. Every ten years or as needed, swap out the fine mesh resin beads.
  4. To make sure the control head and valve assembly are operating properly, perform routine inspections.
  5. Every three to five years, have the system properly maintained to ensure lifespan and best performance.
  6. To make sure the system is successfully eliminating hardness minerals, test the water from time to time.

System Info

SoftPro Elite Systems are high-quality, efficient systems designed to remove hard water minerals and improve water quality in both city and well water systems. With a variety of grain capacities available, SoftPro water softeners are suitable for a range of household sizes and needs.

This water softening system converts hard water minerals like calcium and magnesium ions into sodium ions through a process known as ion exchange, which produces soft water.

When used in conjunction with the adjustable backwash frequency, the Smart Precision+ Brining feature can help save up to 2,000 gallons of water annually by reducing waste during regeneration and reducing the amount of salt that is used.

Water quality and long-term performance are guaranteed by the automatic system flush technology included with SoftPro Elite water softeners. The systems’ certification to several NSF/ANSI criteria for material safety and structural integrity gives homeowners piece of mind.

A professional plumber or a homeowner with basic plumbing knowledge can install a SoftPro Elite water softener because it is a fairly simple process. Additionally, maintenance is simple, with only periodic system checks and salt replacements to maintain peak performance.

Overall, the SoftPro Elite water softener is a solid purchase for any household because it is a dependable and effective method of enhancing water quality and removing minerals from hard water.



  1. With its Smart Precision+ Brining and automatic system flush technology, the SoftPro Elite provides effective water softening, resulting in salt and water savings and improved long-term performance.
  2. The system can remove up to 3 PPM of iron from well water via ion exchange, a water softening technique that has been scientifically verified.
  3. Users can feel secure knowing that the SoftPro Elite has received certification to a number of NSF/ANSI criteria for material safety and structural integrity.
  4. Users can have additional peace of mind thanks to the system’s 10-year warranty for the control valve and other components and a limited lifetime warranty for the mineral and brine tank.


  1. In comparison to some other models on the market, the SoftPro Elite has a greater upfront cost, making it a relatively pricey water softener.
  2. Users who seek a more energy-efficient choice may take into account the system’s need for electricity to function.
  3. The cost of the system as a whole could increase if professional installation assistance is needed for the SoftPro Elite.
  4. As the SoftPro Elite has a peak flow rate of 10 GPM, which could lead to decreased water pressure at peak usage times, it might not be appropriate for homes with high water usage.


The SoftPro Elite high efficiency water softener systems are outstanding products that provide a high degree of performance, efficiency, and simplicity. Both the well and city water softening systems use less salt and water thanks to Smart Precision+ Brining technology, and the adjustable backwash frequency also contributes to water conservation.

Furthermore, the automatic system flush technology works to stop the formation of bacterial growth, resulting in improved long-term performance.

High-quality water softening is provided by the SoftPro Elite’s ion exchange technology, which exchanges sodium ions for hard water ions, and the quick recharge feature guarantees prompt regeneration. Homeowners are further reassured by the systems’ accreditation to various NSF/ANSI standards for material safety and structural integrity.

Although the SoftPro Elite systems cost more up front than some other water softening options, their effectiveness and long-term advantages make them an investment worth making.

They distinguish themselves from other water softening systems available on the market thanks to their advanced features, which include the capacity to remove up to 3 PPM of iron from well water.

Overall, the SoftPro Elite systems are unquestionably worth consideration if you’re seeking for a top-tier water softening option that delivers effective and efficient results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will I need to add salt to the SoftPro Elite water softeners?

The frequency with which you’ll need to add salt to your SoftPro Elite depends on a few factors, such as the size of the system and the hardness of your water. On average, SoftPro recommends adding salt once a month, but you may find that you need to add it more or less frequently depending on your specific circumstances.

How long will it take to install a SoftPro Elite water softener?

Installation times for the SoftPro Elite can vary depending on the complexity of the installation and the skill level of the installer. SoftPro recommends that you have a licensed plumber install the system for you, as it involves connecting to your home’s plumbing and electrical systems. In general, installation can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day.

Can the SoftPro Elite be used with well water?

Yes, SoftPro offers a specific SoftPro Elite system for well water, which is designed to handle the unique challenges of well water, including iron and other minerals.

Will the SoftPro Elite water softener remove all contaminants from my water?

While the SoftPro Elite is designed to remove minerals that cause hard water, it may not remove all contaminants from your water. If you’re concerned about specific contaminants in your water, you may want to consider adding additional filtration systems to your SoftPro Elite.

How often will I need to perform maintenance on the SoftPro Elite water softener?

The SoftPro Elite is designed to require minimal maintenance, but you will need to occasionally add salt and perform basic cleaning and inspection tasks. SoftPro recommends having your system professionally serviced every few years to ensure optimal performance.

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