Springwell Futuresoft Salt Free Water Softener Review

What Is A Salt-Free Water Softener?

The removal of calcium, magnesium, or other hard minerals from water by the use of salts in conventional water softeners is a process known as ion exchange. The procedure, while efficient, has a lot of drawbacks.

Regular regeneration is required for most salt-based water softeners and softening systems. To remove the buildups and rehydrate the resin with salt and occasionally potassium, washing the resin media bed is necessary. It contaminates the environment by wasting enormous amounts of water and adding too much salt to your drinking water source.

On the other hand, salt-free water softening systems don’t use it. They rely on a method known as template-assisted crystallization (TAC). Larger crystals are created when water molecules adhere to the surface of a mineral template.

These bigger crystals stay in the filter media bed without affecting the plumbing or other water systems in your home since they cannot fit through pipes or get inside of your appliances. The end product is waste- and salt-free softened water.

These minerals will stay suspended throughout the water system’s travel through your home since, in their crystalline state, they won’t stick to pipes or other objects.

Your pipes and household appliances are therefore protected against scaling. Growth will slow down, and scale development that has already been put in place will progressively disappear on top of that. For instance, this will enhance the performance of your water heater. Your appliances may last longer and operate more effectively as a result.

A post-filter is also included with the Futuresoft to filter out any remaining water hardness before it reaches your house. You will enjoy the best softened water imaginable thanks to this.


The Salt-free Water Softener by SpringWell Futuresoft is a whole-house water conditioner and descaler. It keeps new scales from developing while removing old scale from pipes and appliances. In the end, the SpringWell Futuresoft claims to prolong the life of your equipment by halting corrosion caused by hard water.

The Futuresoft is a salt-free alternative to many salt-based softeners since it automatically adjusts to the hardness of the water, allowing all families to benefit from the system’s conditioning capabilities. It doesn’t use any power to operate and doesn’t waste water softening.

The SpringWell Futuresoft requires almost little care because you won’t need to worry about adding salt or cleaning it frequently.

Our Take

The SpringWell Futuresoft is only one of the top whole-home filtration and softening systems combo on the market right now. Although this cooling system costs a little more than comparable models, it nevertheless offers excellent performance for the price.

Other from that, there is essentially no maintenance to consider, and the pre-filter is inexpensive to replace.

The SpringWell Futuresoft is a good option if you’re seeking for a salt-free conditioner that will allow you to save time and money. This device, a salt-free softener, saves money on salt over time and is much healthier for the environment.

For anyone whose main goal is to get rid of scale, the SpringWell FutureSoft is one of the best-performing saltless softeners on the market. I advise looking into the SpringWell Whole House Water Filter & Softener Combination System if you’re eager to filter your water as well as get rid of scale because it provides a two-in-one softening and filtration system at an outstanding bargain.

This Springwell Futuresoft salt free water softener works best with water that is between 33 and 125 degrees and has a pH of 7-9. The three various configuration variations don’t affect the performance of the salt-free water conditioner from Springwell.

Media tanks devoid of salt are used in this system to carry out fluidization procedures. They turn minerals that cause hardness into crystals that don’t adhere to surfaces as much as limescale.

Installing one of these water filters is the best option if you utilize well water and discover that a water filter is insufficient. Scaling from wells damages pipelines, faucets, and appliances. It also produces odd tastes and scents and has a slick texture.

This device is a great option for you if you have hard water from conventional tap water and don’t want to deal with the trouble of a salt-based system.


The springwell futuresoft salt free water softener can fit 1 to more than 7 bathrooms with a tank width of 6 to 13 inches. The tank height is up to 35 inches, while it is in fact 39 inches with head, the highest can go up to 54 inches, which is 58 inches with head.

The flow rate is 12 to 20 GPM and it is an upflow water softener. The required operating temperature is 34 to 120 F, with operating pressure up to 20 to 80 PSI. The pH range is between 7.0 and 9.5, with maximum hardness in GPG up to 81.


Conditioning Tank

The SpringWell futuresoft salt free water softener employs a single conditioning tank to perform Template Assisted Crystallization, which changes the composition of the minerals that cause hard water.

Installation Instructions

For at-home DIY setup of salt free water softeners, there are written instructions and an online video supplied with the Futuresoft if you choose to install it yourself.

Sediment Pre-filter

Large sediment particles are removed by the sediment pre-filter of salt free water softeners, which keeps the conditioning medium from being clogged.

High Water Pressure

Use of the SpringWell Futuresoft salt free water softener won’t result in a decrease in water pressure. Based on the number of bathrooms in your house, the system is available in three variants with water pressure of 12, 15, or 20 GPM.


A typical water softener is sized by the quantity of minerals like calcium and magnesium the media removes before regeneration takes place, or by the grain. But, Springwell futuresoft salt free water softeners are sized according to the number of bathrooms in your house.

Futuresoft Media

The hard water in your house is transformed into calcite crystals by Springwell systems utilizing fluidization and Futuresoft media rather than an ion exchange process. Your water is conditioned or neutralized during the template assisted crystallization process.

Recharge Time

The amount of time required to regenerate or recharge the device once it runs out of soft water is known as the recharge time. For bigger households with several bathrooms, a quick recharge time is essential since you don’t want to wait around while the unit recharges.

Thankfully, since Springwell systems don’t require recharging, this isn’t a problem. The amount of time required to renew or recharge the device once it runs out of soft water is measured in minutes.

Lifetime Warranty

The system comes with a 6-month money-back guarantee, and SpringWell’s lifetime warranty covers the tank and valves as well.

Help & Support

With a limited lifetime warranty, a six-month satisfaction guarantee, and committed customer service, SpringWell stands behind the FutureSoft. Send it back for a complete refund of the purchase price if you don’t like it. Nothing is lost if you do this.


The SpringWell Futuresoft is a salt-free water softener that is meant to condition water much more effectively. It employs a more recent method of water softening called Template Aided Crystallization, which converts hardness-causing minerals from their ionic state to a crystalline form that doesn’t leave limescale deposits.

This system will operate effectively since it doesn’t require power or salt to function.

Your water pressure won’t decrease when using the Futuresoft as long as you use it in buildings with the required number of bathrooms (1 to 3).

In addition to being efficient in and of itself, the Futuresoft may increase appliance efficiency in your house by removing scale and the hard water cause. Several clients claim that the deposits on shower heads and glass shower screens immediately improved.

Installation & Maintenance

If you enjoy doing things yourself, you may install the SpringWell Futuresoft by yourself by carefully following the published instructions and online tutorial. The system is quite simple to set up because it doesn’t need to be linked to a drain or an electrical source.

An online movie and an instruction manual are included with the Futuresoft. For product inquiries, SpringWell provides round-the-clock customer care, which might be helpful if you’re confused about a particular installation step.

Some customers choose to have their water conditioners installed by a plumber or handyman. Most plumbers can do the task quickly since they are knowledgeable with a variety of salt free softeners.

System Info

The SpringWell Futuresoft is offered in the FS1, FS4, and FS+ variants. The main distinction between these types is the quantity of bathrooms they are designed for, which is determined by their flow rates.

The smallest tank and lowest flow rate, 12 GPM, are found in the FS1. The FS1 is designed for usage in households with three bathrooms, so the majority of people will probably get along just well with it. The FS4 is the ideal option if your house has between 4 and 6 bathrooms.

It has a 15 GPM flow rate. The largest SpringWell Futuresoft setup is called FS+. It is designed for homes with more than seven bathrooms and has a flow rate of 20 GPM. No matter whatever system you choose, the Futuresoft performs at its peak when water is between 34 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit and has a pH range of 7.0 to 9.5.

All three configurations exhibit the same performance of the SpringWell water conditioner. The system employs a salt-free media tank to carry out the fluidization process.

By doing this, hard water minerals are transformed into crystals that won’t form deposits of limescale on surfaces. You may still benefit from the health and flavor advantages of these minerals because the SpringWell Futuresoft just neutralizes water and doesn’t truly eliminate the calcium and magnesium hard water ions.

Media Longevity & Replacement

How many gallons of water a softening system’s media can treat before losing its effectiveness is a measure of its lifespan. Up to 1 million gallons, or almost six years, can pass through the SpringWell FutureSoft media. You’ll then need to swap out the media for a new set.

You can calculate how many gallons of water have traveled through the media and when it needs to be replaced using the information from your water bill. The ideal practice is to change the media after six years if this sounds like too much of a hassle. Direct replacement media purchases can be made through the SpringWell website.

Every 6 to 9 months, the sediment pre-filter has to be changed. The sediment filter must be changed often to avoid big sediment particles, rust, and dust from clogging the media and reducing its lifespan.

Pros & Cons

What I appreciate about it is that it uses no power and is far less expensive to operate than salt-based water softeners. Also, it employs a conditioning method devoid of salt that is excellent for those following low-sodium diets.

You may still take use of the calcium and magnesium minerals in your drinking water because they are not removed. Also, it requires far less maintenance over time than salt-based options and is much easier to install. When utilized in homes with one to three bathrooms, it also has no impact on the water pressure throughout the residence.

The fact that it doesn’t truly remove the minerals that cause hard water, which some people would wish to do for maximum efficacy, is what I didn’t like about it on the other hand. Moreover, it just lowers scale; it doesn’t soften water.

The water will still be hard, but there won’t be any limescale buildup on your appliances. The resin in the tank will ultimately need to be changed, necessitating some care.

Other Downsides to Consider

A whole-house water softening system called Springwell Futuresoft is intended for use with municipal water supply. The best solution for you might not be this unit if you have a personal well. Moreover, neither an electrical wire nor a waste tank are included with this item. So, you must put it next to a drain or an electrical outlet.

Bottom Line

If you want to soften your water in an environmentally responsible and salt-free manner, the Futuresoft FS1 salt-free water softener is a great choice. You won’t have to worry about expensive energy costs because this machine doesn’t need power to run and requires almost no maintenance.

A lifetime warranty and a six-month money-back guarantee are also included. Hence, if you use this device and are unhappy with the water quality in your house, you can easily return it.

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